An integral part of SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

Based on SAP Product Structure

Enables the creation of a central Digital Product Model in SAP

SAP PPG enhances the SAP Product Structure with specific object types, additional functionality, variable export mechanisms, and additional integrations

SAP PPG enables the Digital Product Model with new specific object types to map the virtual product structure easily and flexibly even in early stages.

Variable export mechanisms enable the automated creation of master data – e.g. equipment BOM, Project System structures.

Additional functionality can be activated with new object types to synchronize and automate various downstream processes.

Advanced integrations to various SAP modules, for example SAP EPD, SAP ECTR, SAP DMC – enabling end-to-end digital thread.

Digital Product Model in SAP

The central control point for integration, synchronization, and automation

Flexible data model, covers the entire product lifecycle

  • Controls and automates all related processes within the product lifecycle
  • Continuously enriched with data along the entire product lifecycle
  • Includes configuration knowledge
  • Basis for the harmonized provision of master data and transactional data for the downstream processes

The Digital Product Model ensures the synchronization of order-neutral and order-specific processes

Plant engineering

Plant engineering

Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery

Highly variable products

Highly variable products

Working with SAP PPG

All relevant product data is summarized in a specific data model –
the Digital Product Model.

The data model’s structure is continuously
enriched with product lifecycle data.

From a technical perspective, an order has only one central,
global access point. All characteristics are directly maintained in the data model.

The data model automatically generates the data that is necessary for
order processing and controls the planning for the logistics process.

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